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Anderwriter 22-01-2019

It took me a while to figure out what Lushai even was. Apparently, it's a language spoken by a tribe of the Mizo, an aboriginal people of India who made their homes in the sides of cliffs (presumably to discourage door-to-door solicitors). But again, it's only a particular group within this already relatively minor group o' peeps. That said, everyone's important enough to merit their own dictionary—so I'm glad the Lushai have one, and you should be too, unless you're busy doing something else.

A Google User 21-01-2019

Ka va hmang ṭangkai em.. 👍

Orton Lalpuia 21-01-2019

A tha lutuk e

Mala Rahul 21-01-2019

a tha

A Google User 21-01-2019

tha tak ani....ka hmang tangkai khop mai

marengi chhakchhuak 21-01-2019


A Google User 21-01-2019

very good

A Google User 21-01-2019

tha tak ani

A Google User 20-01-2019

It is profitable for me

Numami Hauzel 20-01-2019

hman a nuam khawp mai