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MELODY RECORDING STUDIO- Marina Punte 27-05-2019

very effective for my jobs

Lily Lp 27-05-2019

tha ka ti lutuk,ka hmang tangkai khawp mai

Lalnunthara Apeto 27-05-2019


Moitea Thomte 27-05-2019


Lr Ceea 27-05-2019

thankful for your useful JF Dictionaty

Lalhmachhuani Hmar 27-05-2019

he dictionary hian k hriat loh tam tak min hrilh a ka hmangtangkai em em a, a awlsamin hmanhmoh thilthuah pawh a tha em em ani

Laldawngliana Ralte 26-05-2019

I LOVE this apps and it helps me a lot...👌✌

Matei Ruati 26-05-2019

this is the best of all....

Tlantlani Virgo 26-05-2019

ka hmang tangkai lutuk 👍👍👍

Dingi Colney 26-05-2019

please install this app therefore this app help me in english (we are not english)