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Hmuna Ralte 16-07-2019

atha k ti

Witzz Daothei 16-07-2019

The best mizo-english dictionary ever... I'm glad that J. F. Dailova dictionary app is prepared for Android user, it saves us a lot of time as well as very simple and easy to use yet it also is very good... 5 star for me.....

Alfred Munga 16-07-2019

very good still today

hminga fanai 16-07-2019

Mizoin Dictionary kan hman tangkai hmasak ber.Tunah pawh mi tam zawkin kan la rawn ber hi a va hlu tak em!

Isak Vanlalzawma 15-07-2019


Sangtea Ralte 15-07-2019

great for me

Lalbawihtea Lalbawihtea 15-07-2019


Vabeipha Hnaihly 15-07-2019

I have useful this application....

Malsawmkima Pachuau 15-07-2019

ka hmang tang kai khawp mai

Tca Tochhawng 15-07-2019

A thra kher mai