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Ruata Hmar 20-11-2019

This app is a good apps ots help me alot

Abishak Vansuizi 19-11-2019

Its good

Siami Chawngthu 19-11-2019

Lz chhangte

Vanchhawng Puia 19-11-2019

Very good and useful app

Lalsangpuii Lalsangpuii 18-11-2019

I like this app

malik 17-11-2019


Thanpuiapc Thanpuiapc 17-11-2019

Very important

C. Rina 17-11-2019


Lalrinfeli Sailo 16-11-2019

This dictionary help me in so many way for the learning of English

Jordani Nu ☆☆ 16-11-2019

tha top